Monday, August 17, 2009

update: feeling large

i haven't been blogging, i know. i am in my last few weeks of pregnancy. i feel huge. last night i was writing thank you notes and i looked down and my feet and ankles had plumped up like sausages, only a few hours after church where some girl commented on how i wasn't even swollen. can you get jinxed at church? as the night cooled off, so did the pudge, but man, it was not pretty. i've had wonderful showers the last few weeks but am waiting to get the images from people in order to post. i am ordering last minute things on amazon.

i have
sheets washed
diapers ready
car seat bases installed in both of our cars.
most of my hospital bag packed
health insurance papers ready to fax
clothes washed in free & clear detergent

i am very ready to meet this little boy and not at all ready for the 3 am feedings, or the contractions. i have a few more weeks of work before i get a break. only a few more weeks of just jan and i! the good news is, that people have shown us an outpouring of love. we have been so blessed w/family and friends ready to celebrate with us and help in any way they can.

ps. thanks for all your prayers regarding jan's work. he received an offer and started today. it's a gov job and there is a lot of red tape, so we will know in about a month if everything goes well and it becomes permanant. thank you, thank you.


Masha said...

Julia, good luck with everything! The last little bit is not fun at all, but very rewarding when you get to cuddle your little one. :)
Did you decide on the name?

Jayci said...

wow i am excited for Jan. That sounds great - after the red tape has been cleared. and I am SO thrilled for you to experience the birth-process! Are you planning on natural or epidural? I was planning everything natural (hypnobirthing) but with back labor I got an epidural and it turned my day into a joyful one... it was just perfect!

PS - my mom and Mark have caught me NUMEROUS times staring at my ankles and feet while I wave them around in the air. I've never thought my feet were as pretty as I do now! ha ha ha!! you don't truly appreciate what you have until you don't have it anymore... but the great thing about the feet is... THEY COME BACK!!!! :D