Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the little man has his first taste of rice cereal!

Ronin eating from julia bender on Vimeo.

If you listen carefully you'll hear his funny little giggles when he gets excited.

oh, current dr stats: 
16.1 lbs - 70th percentile
27 inches long - 94th percentile


carolinesbakeshop said...

too cute!

N ~ said...

aww. he likes it! yay!
i heart rice anything too buddy! (its the asian in us) =P

jonathan said...

i miss him. he's getting cuter and cuter...just like his uncle j.

C.M. Cook said...

he's so stinkin' cute! i just want to smother him with lots n' lots of kisses! we miss you guys...come up and visit! we'll be in our home by may (hopefully)

Jayci said...

he is huge!!! in a perfect way! I thought Mont was tall... but Ronin has half an inch on him and he's younger! :P I love this video! He's too fun. We are starting rice cereal next week, I think, when Mark gets back. Expect a video soon! ha!