Friday, January 29, 2010

review: puj baby tub

I won a contest to be a product tester for PUJ, and they sent me their amazing bath tub.  For those of you that know me, I am a mad researcher when it comes to products for my home, and most recently my little baby boy.  I researched tubs for awhile, and was really against the big plastic ones because as an apartment dweller, I did not want to store that thing since it's only used for 6 months or so.  I saw this tub online but passed because I couldn't register for it, and was hoping to get something that was closer to $10-15 to fit my needs.  I did, and ended up tossing it into the goodwill pile weeks after he was born.  I had chosen one that was inflatable, with foam for support.  His head kept rolling to the sides of the inflatable pillow and he always squirmed with discomfort.  We resorted to a blow up toddler tub, but since he was so young, we have had to support him with one hand while bathing with the other.  This can be strenuous at times, especially on your back as you lean over the tub for extended periods.  

And then this tub showed up at my door.  First off, I noticed the super slim packaging.  I didn't even have to read the directions to assemble it, I just folded the base until it stuck (with magnets) in the folded position.  I went to my friend Marisa's house, so we could test it with her 3 week old, and then my nearly 5 month old.  

We were both really impressed.  The babies were really happy in there.  No squirming or wanting to get out, means it was gentle on their heads and comfortable.  They sat right in there, on their backs and tummys until we were ready to pull them out.  No head rolling babies, no back bending moms.  If I had to do it over again, I would have spent the extra money to get this to make bath time easier.  There are holes that prevent the water from getting too high, although I would have liked a little more water to keep him warm.  When we were done, we had no cleanup.  No water all over the counter, nada.  We hung it dry (it hangs flat!), and it was dry in less than half an hour.  I left it with her for the next few weeks to make bathing her little girl easier. I highly recommend this product. 

Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at Puj's new website for baby bath tubs!


Scott said...

too cute. how do i get to be on his private blog??? or is this it?? joy
rice cereal already, wow! time flies when it is not your baby!

julia said...

i just invited you to his blog! :)

Jayci said...

sounds like a great tub! I use an $8 seat from WalMart. I like it, but he slips down a little, so I'm always pulling him up. Also, his ears are often below the waterline before I notice it, and then I'm worried about his ears having water in them!! I'm glad you are now having a better experience with bath time!! How long can babies use it?

julia said...

jayci - the tub works from birth to 6 months. so ro was definitely pushing the line size wise (and he's so tall!). but he seemed super happy in it. no squirming and it's about 3/4 " thick so even on his tummy, he was comfortable.

Katie said...

Hi Julia. I am so thrilled to hear your babies loved the Puj Tub. We had the same experience with the cheap plastic tubs so after our second child was born we both said there has got to be a better way. Boy number three was the lucky one (and so was I)It is so great to see so many other moms loving our little invention!