Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and we're back

i have rolls of film to drop off tomorrow so this is all i have to show, from my iphone. this is the day i arrived. we went out for a walk around ala moana shopping center, picking up some pineapple ice cream and looking at the koi fish with my nephew.  more photos of the weekend in paradise to come. it went way too fast, so my goal upon leaving was to figure out a way to come back soon...i think i succeded!  if any of you haven't been to hawaii, go.  go now.  it's a happy place.  

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Jayci said...

it IS such a happy, happy place. Ala Moana is the best. Though... that food court is one of the crazier ones I've ever seen. OH! And the Nordstrom's bathroom is the nicest 'rest' room ever!! ahhh Julia you're making me want to go back... right now. :)

Little Ronin is too cute. I just showed Mark and we were both loving his hat!