Friday, February 19, 2010

the food in hawaii

when you go to hawaii, make sure you go to a farmers market.  i went to 2. 

the 2nd farmer's market was an lds guy who grows all organic produce.  you can fill a bin the size of the ones at security at the airport for only $10.  we got some basil, starfruit and mixed greens. if you haven't had starfruit, hunt some down, slice it and dip it in chocolate. let it dry (or not!) and eat it.  your mouth will thank you.

then make sure you come home and make some spam musubi for lunch.

and eat fresh papaya and pineapple for breakfast.

(all but the last 2 shot with film on my canon AL-1) 

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Jayci said...

i really admire you for using film! I haven't used film (on a nice camera) for like 5 years - I miss it. And I don't think I'd even remember the ropes if I tried again. GO JULIA!