Thursday, April 22, 2010

willie + liza ( + 2 mini baby boys)

I hadn't seen Liza since high school (let's not count those years) and she contacted me about taking photos of her because she's expecting twins.  Twins!  (I know, she's so tiny you can't even tell) Cute, chubby cheeked, round faced, little eyed asian babies are the cutest, and yes, I am slightly biased, especially after having a blond haired blue eyed 1/4 korean baby. 

It was so much fun shooting you guys, epecially laughing at all of Willie's expressions and while we laughed, he laughed and there were more!  Jan had a great time too.  I said, of course, you just talked to Liza's dad while Ro played w/her mom.  Jan said, "Dave, his name is Dave, and we had to talk about important things over passionfruit juice."  Yes, my assistant is so helpful.  :)  

Can't wait to meet those little boys!


joyful704 said...

her feet aren't even swollen, no fair!!

julia said...

i know. 7 months pregnant too.

ok, to be honest my feet only swelled up one day. but for that day, they were huge!

Kristie said...

Twins are so fun!
Julia- I love your photos! You are an inspiration to me. I have been trying to do portraits on the side ( and I just have to thank you for setting my eye free!

julia said...

thanks kristie - i loved photographing your (not so little) twins. i'm going to go check out your images right now!

Jayci said...

beautiful shots! I lover little asian babies! Mark served his mission in Taiwan and grew to love love love those cute little kiddos.