Monday, April 26, 2010

handmade jewelry

my sister-in-law is one of those people that looks at something, makes it, and it's good.  really good. i look at something and think, why buy that, i could make it, and then i stick it in a file.  i have lots and lots of things filed...  

for christmas, she made me a necklace, and a few for herself.  i had her send them to me to photograph. the last one is mine, and both ronin & i love it.  (he's facinated with necklaces) 

i don't typically do product photography, but i wanted to challenge myself.  i was running out of ideas when i decided to thread them through these metal balls i have over ronin's crib.  i held my camera in the crib facing up as to not get the actual crib in the image, and just shot and previewed until i got what i wanted.  a little tricky, but i like how they turned out. 


Jayci said...

I love how they turned out!! And those necklaces are amazing! I've never seen anything like them. Beautiful!! ANNNND. Where did you find those metal balls?! I have nothing over Mont's crib (poor guy) and I absolutely LOVE those. If you wouldn't mind me stealing that idea - I'd love to hunt for some! LOVE all the ideas you give me. :) I file them all too. haha

julia said...

i bought them at west elm last year when i had the discount.

maybe check ebay for them? they're a dark metal and super cute. he loves watching them twirl around.