Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ice cream sandwiches : the new awesome

lately i have been pushing to make things from scratch, but when we were low on time, we focused on tweaking store bought and presentation.  if you want an awesome dessert, and you're short on time, do the following.  


1 half gallon vanilla ice cream
1 half gallon mint chocolate chip ice cream
nutella (hazlenut chocolate)
1 roll slice & bake sugar cookies
1 roll slice & bake chocolate chip cookies


pick one meyer lemon off a tree (ok, you might not have a tree, so you can buy one)

bake cookies (try not to burn like i did), adding cinnamon & sugar to the top of sugar cookies to make snickerdoodles
soften half container vanilla ice cream and add one lemon worth of rind and juice, refreeze

cookie 1: snickerdoodle / meyer lemon vanilla ice cream
cookie 2: chocolate chip / mint chip ice cream
cookie 3: chocolate chip / vanilla ice cream (plain) with a layer of nutella

then, prepare for people to be totally impressed.  

the next time i would make the chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  toss that nestle and use my trusty ghirardelli.  but the rest - totally not worth the time and energy since this was so incredibly good w/o all the fuss.   if you don't have time for any of this, and it seems daunting, please just do this one thing.  buy vanilla (the one w/bean flecks) ice cream.  buy a meyer lemon.  add them together and serve just that as dessert.  just that discovery in itself made my life. 

enjoy. and try not to eat them all before they make it to the party.  

(apologies for the bad lighting in all my food pics - my kitchen lacks itself some good natural light)


bex said...

oh man. those ARE the new awesome.

mouth watering just thinking about em.

jonathan said...

how is that a "short on time" recipe? if you're short on half-a-day and only have 2 hours? my short on time recipe involves stopping by your place when the ice cream sandwiches are ready...

julia said...

sorry rebecca for the phrase steal, but once you eat one, you might have to agree.

fats - it's short on time because it's limited baking (10 min's per batch) and only really assembly. I'd say a half hour for a rough estimate, start to finish. I don't think that's half bad.

I'll make them next time you visit, for a post birthday treat. You'll devour them.