Friday, May 14, 2010

santa barbara

we took just a quick trip, to hit the farmers market and check out the missions.  we also stumbled upon a park with a little creek, which made j feel right at home.  

wouldn't this make an awesome print in the kitchen? beautiful scraps of tasted food. kinda weird. but kinda awesome.

my handsome men...

it helps when there is a wood cutout of a pope helping direct the tour

through the gates of a tomb

probably the raddest photo of the trip and possibly a holiday card

(yes, he's slightly sucking on the fingers)


shayna said...

I LOVE the picture of the food scraps. It's like compost at it's best. I would definitely hang it up in my kitchen. You have such a pretty family.

Jayci said...

beautiful pictures!! The last picture of Ronin "kind of sucking on the fingers" made me laugh so hard (especially with what you had written). Babies this age are so fun!!