Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fig & goat cheese pizza

we made this with friends a few weeks ago and have made it twice since.  i think this was my first time making pizza with no sauce and it was still so good.  

i have recently learned a few tricks with pizza dough:

1. keep bubbles in the crust by just pulling it out under the dough w/your fingers and not pinching.  

2. put your pizza stone in the oven while pre-heating and then slide your pizza on top on parchment.  

3. when you bring it out, slide it directly on a cooling rack so the bottom stays crispy. 

mine was tweaked because the store was out of what i needed, but here's the original recipe: 

plain pizza dough (i used trader joe's)

red onions
sliced figs

sprinkle on:
crumbled goat cheese 

bake.  eat.  so good.   

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